Monday, March 9, 2009


Let me just start off by saying that all the good pictures are in possession Nicholas Hess and he's not uploading them until Wednesday soo just bare with mine for a little while.

Ok where to begin. The bus ride to Pisa airport was the most frustrating and obnoxious ride of our entire life. Lauren and I (Nick went a day early) wanted to strangle this group of girls that wouldn't stop talking extremely loud about guys, and makeup, and how tubetops surprisingly don't prevent your camera from water damage. We were trying to sleep...and couldn't. Then we got to the airport and I was furious because they confiscated all my cosmetics and I was freaking out because I did not want to break out.

So anyways, the flight was quick and I slept the entire time. When we landed this feeling came over my entire body that I can't describe. I couldn't believe I just landed in the city that I had been waiting to go to my entire life. We easily got on the bus into the city center and as we were driving we caught a glimpse of the eiffel tower all lit up from far away. That's when I knew it was real. We got into the city center and had to take the metro to where our hotel was, and Nick and his friend Emily met us at the exit and walked us to the hotel. It was soo cute. There were these two cats Gabby and Maxi (who we called maxi pad), that just sat on the counters all day and soaked up all the attention that they could get. Lauren hates cats, and hated them. We put our stuff in our room and Nick showed brought us outside and showed us the Moulin Rouge, which we were steps away from. We walked around a little bit and were intrigued by the "peep shows" that lined the streets. I also saw my first prostitute, BUT Nick seems to think that it was a man in drag, so I'm not really sure if that counts. We ate french fries and went back and got ready for bed. Let me describe to you our bathroom. So we open a door, and you walk into a shower, but also in the shower was a sink AND a toilet. HAHA, we got a laugh out of it, but didn't complain. Everything's an experience.

The next morning we went to a beautiful church at the top of a hill that overlooked the entire city of Paris. There was a harpest player up there and it was BEAUTIFUL. I was sooo tempted to buy a CD. Next we went to Notre Dame, and it made me really want to watch the hunchback of Notre Dame. I think that was the first gargoyle I've ever seen and it was really cool. I lit a candle inside and took a picture. After that, we met Emily's friends, who study in Paris for lunch. We had delicious sandwiches and crepes and a drink for 6 euros each! The crepe was soooooo good with Nutella inside. We parted ways with them because they had class and then took off towards the Eiffel tower. When we were one stop away from getting of the Metro to the Eiffel Tower, my heart started beating soo entirely fast and all Nick had to do was say "This is it, this is what you've been waiting for your whole life", and I started crying. We got out and walked up the stairs to outside, and Nick covered my eyes and led me up the stairs and then when we got to the top he let go, and it was right in front of me. I cried into Lauren for about 5 minutes, and then we started walking closer to it. We climbed the first two levels and then took the elevator the rest of the way. I wrote mine and Nicks initials at the top so there's another thing I can cross off my bucket list! I still can't believe I was there. After that we went and saw the Arc de Triumph which was also beautiful, but after seeing the Eiffel Tower I was really hard to impress.

We made our own sandwiches that night, and then went to a hookah bar. It's totally legal and something I had to say I did in Paris! Then we went to a salsa club, which would have been a cool concept if 1. I knew how to salsa dance and 2. if the men weren't so creepy.

The next day we went to Versailles. There was gold everywhere and it was really beautiful. Lauren took the inside tour of the palace, while Nick, Emily and I just walked the grounds and saw the gardens which would have been a lot more beautiful if it was spring, so we had to use our imaginations. Allison just happened to be in Paris that weekend so I called her to have her and one of her friends Annie come meet us for my birthday dinner. We went to go pick them up at her stop and it was the scariest thing of my life. Guys SWARM around you as soon as you leave the metro station. One of them grabbed me from behind and I whipped around so fast and screamed NO! with my finger in his face and said DONT TOUCH ME! NO! with the most angry look on my face. Thank god Nick is always there to protect us. Anyways..dinner was really good. I had vegetable lasagna, and water! HAHA on my 21st birthday I got water. It's fine though, we got champaigne afterwards and went and waited by the Eiffel tower as it was all lit up. Every hour on the hour it sparkles, so thats how we knew it was midnight and we popped the champaigne and had a huge celebration. Then these french guys came up and were like "Happy birthday, I love you. You are beautiful" and then asked if they could take a picture with me HAHA. Then we were watching these break dancers in front of the tower. They were just doing it for fun, and one of them is doing his moves, and lets out the biggest fart. HAHAHA we were laughing sooo hard. It really was the most amazing birthday ever.

The next morning, we went to the catacombs which was really cool, but kinda creepy. We walked soo far down into the ground and through so many bones it was unreal. I was so tempted to touch one, but then I decided that I didn't want to be haunted for the rest of my life. Afterwards we had a quick lunch and then were off to The Louvre. Seeing the Mona Lisa was also unreal. I couldn't believe the most famous painting in the world was right in front of my face. It was soo much smaller than I was only about an 11x14.

The plane ride back was kinda annoying. They almost didn't let Nick carry on his bag...and then the whole boarding thing was insane. They didn't give us a gate number in Paris and people just swarmed from gate to gate until the destination above the gate showed up on the screen. It seriously like herding cattle. This stupid old Italian women was probably the most persistant out of everyone-- shoving her way through the crowd. HAHA she ended up sitting in front of us and Nick wanted so badly to pluck a hair out of her head for his scrapbook. HAHAHAHAHAHA best thing ever.

Paris was great, but it's awesoommmmee to be back.
Again, I post Nick's pictures soon..they're so much better.

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