Saturday, May 16, 2009


I can't believe it's my last day in Florence; I really can't. It flew by, but went so slow at the same time. Me, Lauren and Emily are the only ones left, as Stella, Paige and Amanda already took off. Our apartment is so empty and quiet. It's weird sitting here in this chair surrounded by memories. It didn't hit me until this morning when I woke up and I've had a pit in my stomach all day. Walking by Santa Croche for one of the last times was the weirdest feeling in the world. I'm sad to go but I'm ready to start/continue my life at home.

So I haven't written in a while. Last thursday, Jesse, Lauren Stella and I went to Dantes across the river. It was quite eventful. We were seated at our table by the waiter, and instead of the waiter bringing us our water, menus and bread, some random guy did, and thought that maybe we wouldn't notice? Didn't say a word, jus smiled and gave us what we needed and went back to his table. Five minutes later our waitress comes over with a note written on the back of a bill and four names and phone numbers. We laughed and put the note aside. Then they come over with an open bottle of wine and start pouring it in our glasses and proceed to talk to us for about 15 minutes. They were actually really funny and respecful and not like other creepy Italian men.

The next day, Stella and I got up early to get on a train and spend the day at the beach in ViaReggio. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for sun bathing, but I've never been bothered by so many vendors in my life. Like if my eyes are closed, and I'm comfortable and sleeping on the beach, dont wake me up to offer me some useless piece of junk that you know I'm not going to buy anyway. I won't miss that.

Saturday Stella, Jesse and I took off for our last academic field trip to the Thermal baths. It was unlike anything I expected. It was in the country side, very secluded and quiet and in the middle of nowhere. We stayed in like this little community type thing with pathways and thermal baths. Instead of staying in hotel rooms, we stayed in villas! There were about 4 of us in each one and it had a living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and 2 bedrooms. I wish the trip had been more than one night. It was so relaxing-- we lounged out by the pool for hours at a time and even got a complimentary massage. It was my first massage and I definitely loved it. Funny that the first thing Dad AND Nick asked was, "was it a lady or a man that gave it to you?" haha. It was a lady.

This week I took all my finals. I think they went relatively well, and I think I managed to pull it off and do well this semester, despite what some people may have though (ahem mom) about me slacking off on my work and just soaking in the fact that I was in Italy. I have to say though, my Italian is no better than when I came here. But i DO have 2 "short films" to show people.

Thursday night was our last night all together. We decided to go to this hip place that only opens up in the spring because it is an outdoor club. We heard great things about it so we were like oh sweet lets go. Me, Nick and Lauren, being the cheap ones that we are walked (even though it was all the way across Florence) while Stella, Emily and Paige got a cab. We called each other for the entire night being like "where are you! I'm at the bar...I'm at the you're not..i don't see you". Come to find out we were at two different clubs, both outdoors and both in the park. It was still a great time..unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. It was amazing. There were like 5 different bars and different sections to dance with different types of music. It was so classy and everyone was dressed up. All the workers were in suits, there was flaming champaigne everywhere, and hired dancers to dance on stage.

Yesterday, four of us went to Ganzo for lunch. As soon as I walked in, one of the waiters was kind of staring at me funny as if he recognized me and was like "You are the the picture" haha it felt so awesome. Then he said something about somebody buying it?? but I didn't understand. After that Lauren and I went to go drop stuff off at FUA to donate for earthquake victims and we went to a little shop to find her dad a wallet. The guy that worked there was seriously the cutest old man I had ever seen in my entire life. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about him. So slowly and delicately packing up the wallet in tissue paper and a box, realizing that his old old cash register wouldn't open to give Lauren change, and then his eyes lit up when she had exact change and was sooo thankful. Cutest thing ever.
I'm also realllly really going to miss seeing the dog that lives on the corner every day.

Last night, Paige, Emily, Lauren and I all pulled our mattresses into the living room and had a big slumber party. We made sure that we stayed up until 2 though because that's when the secret bakery opens. It's in this hidden ally way and doesn't look like a place at all, but when you walk inside you walk straight into where they bake it and they have fresh and warm baked goods all ready for you to take, all for a euro. It was the best donut I have ever had in my life.

When we got back we laughed for about 45 minutes because Lauren was recording video tapes in her detective voice, talking about our adventure.

I have so many more pictures that I'm waiting to have people check back for a picture blog.

Goodbye Florence.

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