Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Really Got a Hold On Me

So last night we went from claiming that we were just going to stay in and play cards, to getting all dressed up and going out for the Study Abroad Italy welcome party at a discoteca. We took a cab because it was wayyyy too far of a walk, especially for the high heels we were all wearing. It was a lot more fun than I expected. The bars were fish tanks, and there were all different levels of platforms, and flashing lights, and a big screen tv where different people dancing would show up. Our teachers were also there, and they were a lot more crazy than they probably should have been. Francesa bought us a shot, and took it with us, and then proceeded to dance with us. Then another one of them, Luca, did karaoke with us. HAHA

We ended up getting home around one in the morning, and then I skyped with Mom and Dad and then Nick. It's much easier being able to see faces.

I slept until noon this morning, and then got up and showered and we all went to the market, where we met nick. It was such a new experience. The first level was filled with venders with meat and cheese and bread. I had to hold my breath and run up to stairs to avoid seeing all the dead carcus. gross. The upper level was fruits and veggies. We bought stuff, and everything is just so cheap. I was so thrilled because I asked some Italian man where the bread was, in Italian! It cost 80 cents for a loaf. Then we went to a cute little cafe and had lunch. There were pigeons everywhere and one definitely dove in and grabbed a bite of my omellete while I wasn't looking.

A Heart!

We came back from the market and put all our food away. Two of the girls cleaned the kitchen, while Paige and I were attached to our computers, and Nick, Emily and Amanda went to Ponte Vecchio and took the most amazing pictures. They have really nice like photography cameras and took the most beautiful artsy pictures. I'm definitely stealing them from them and getting them printed out and like blown up. Then I napped and when I woke up dinner was ready and on the table. We had pasta and pesto and bruchetta, then Emily and I did dishes.

A few of us in front of our school

We are taking it easy tonight and all sitting around and planning what trips we want to do and where we want to visit. I'm happy to know that a round trip flight to Ireland is only 67 euros. We're considering going next weekend.

And mom, I really want to go to Munich and the castles when we visit Germany when you come on spring break.

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