Monday, February 2, 2009

This long distance is killing me

I think it's better for me to not get into too much detail about this day, because I hated this day.

Last night was pretty fun..we went to an Irish Pub called the Lion's Fountain to watch the super bowl. We shared a booth with these guys who were also American and traveling around. They gave us lots of tips oh cheap travel, and I looked up some of the websites to see how cheap it would be to go to Ireland, and it's looking pretty good.

So as I said earlier, I'm not getting into detail about today but, I'll list:
it rained
our washing machine pipe burst
I miss Nick
we got lost on our way to Italian class and showed up 30 minutes late
I barely remember anything of Italian
I saw an extremely depressing movie (even though the movie theater was beautiful)
and more...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I get to start my creative video making class.

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