Monday, April 27, 2009

Amalfi Coast

Although leaving at 6:30 in the morning for the Amalfi Coast, wasn't my idea of fun, it was definitely worth it. I slept and read for the entire 6 hour busride, aside from the time that we stopped in Naples for a few hours for lunch and exploring. It was insane knowing that I could have been walking on the same streets that my great grandfather walked on. The city itself was sort of a poor country, but the coast was BEAUTIFUL. The farther south you go, the more beautiful and blue the water becomes. After eating a delicious pizza, walking the coast, and being entertained by a drummer in the street, we continued our journey to our hotel in a little town on the Amalfi coast. The hotel was definitely not as nice as the one in Lake Maggiore, but it had a bed and running water, and that's all I needed.

When we got in, we had time to relax a little bit, freshen up and then head off to dinner. We made some great new friends on this trip, Kara and Stephanie and they were a lot of fun to hang out with and we had several laughs at dinner. One of them consisting of our bet about whether or not flies poop or puke when they land. We tried to find out from other tables what the answer was by the majority, and someones answer was "they spit seven times". Thanks for the help. We attempted to go out that night, and all 70 of us found this empty bar and took over the entire thing. I was way too tired, so after about an hour, and no drinks, decided to just go back, and go to sleep. Good thing because we had to be up at 6:30 the next day. We took a boat to a ferry, and then an hour long ferry to Capri. It was too cold that morning to sit outside so we stayed inside and I finished another one of my books. Once I get going on one, I finish them in 3 days. Upon docking in Capri, I immediately fell in love. The water was like no water I've ever seen. It was straight up turquois. We got in line for a boat tour right away. Not all of us did it because it wasn't included but it was only ten euros. It brought us all around the ocean and showed us different grottos. We definitely got unexpectadly wet, but it was so worth it. I think that was my favorite part of the trip.

After the boat tour, somehow 7 of us got stuck with our chaperone Francesco, who is this old man that teaches at FUA. It's great because he knows where everything is, but I can't stand walking at someone elses pace. I just want to do things myself. We went out to lunch, and we didn't even have the privaledge of picking out our own food. He orders for us. It was good though, I really can't complain. After that we walked around Capri. He took us to these gardens on a balcony that had a wonderful view. Cristiano, (he's in charge of the academic field trips, he's a little older than us, Italian, maybe a grad student..i don't know his whole story), but he's walking around taking pictures and giggling, and I'm like what are you laughing at...and his only response was "my nation". HAHA i dont know why it was so funny to me, but it was. After following Francesco for hours, Stella and I were able to separate and go lay on the beach. That was an interesting experience in itself. Stella pretty much got hit in the face with a soccer ball, stones were inches away from hitting us, and some Italians walked by and took pictures of us sunbathing. I don't think they knew that we were peering at them through squinted eyes.

On the way back from Capri we stopped in another coastal town. We were only there for about 45 minutes, enough time to look around at little shops. Stella's highschool friend, Mark, sweetest boy you'll ever meet, he's gay which makes it SOOOOO mcuh better because I think they are the best kind of human being. We were walking around and he points out, in his boston accent, and cute little voice.."did you see this woman's breasticles..they got water comin outta them". Sure enough there was a fountain of a woman with water coming out of each of her breasts. On the ferry ride back I sat up top because I was convinced I would get more color, and I had a long and hilarious conversation with Kara, and this kid Addison. His way of breaking the ice was by telling Kara that she had a "killer lens" on her camera. After that we talked the whole way back about anything and everything. He said that I had the most contagious laugh, and that the day before he caught himself laughing from across the room, just because I was laughing and was like "I want to be her friend." I really didn't know that my laugh was so unique but it's pretty much one of the first things that everyone says upon meeting me. We ended up making a bet, because he didn't think that us girls would be able to get ready on time for dinner cause we didn't have much time when we got back. If we didn't make it downstairs by 8, we would have to suck on his socks. HAHA the next day he kiddingly admitted that "I love sucking on my socks. I purposely made a bet that would be win win for me." That night at dinner, all 70 of us packed into a restaurant, and the guests that were already there were not pleased about it. Obviously if there are that many people in a small room, let alone Americans, it's going to be loud. Our table was being quiet and somehow, we kept getting blamed for all the noise by this stupid woman next to us who kept giving us the worst death glares, and at one point came over and yelled at our table in Italian. I wanted to smack the miserable look right off her face. We were so exhausted from the long day, that after dinner, we just went right to bed.

We got up the next morning, checked out, ate breakfast, and went off to Pompeii. We had this miserable tour guide on our bus that we all wanted to shoot, because we just wanted to sleep and she wouldn't shut up. She kept yelling at people, and it just made us want to ignore her more. It was an extremely interesting day, and not even because of the sites. The sites were pretty but got old after awhile because everything started to look the same. It was crazy because they actually had the people covered in ash, and preserved for us to look at. Stella made quite a special friend there, who kept staring at her and waving everytime he walked by. We think there might have been something wrong with him, so I started to feel really bad, and so did Mark. He was like "that must have took so much courage for him to wave!" What else happened..hmm we saw a little girl legit squat and start peeing on the ancient archaeological sites. The look on Marks face was absolutely priceless. He went on and on about how innappropriate it was. After our tourguide legit got into a brawl about who got to see the brothel first, we entered only to find a menu on the walls, where you could choose which position you wanted. It was really awkward seeing the like stone rooms and beds, just knowing what happened there hundreds of years ago.

Quite an interesting trip.
20 more days left.

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