Monday, April 20, 2009

Lake Maggiore & Como

So I can tell that my time here is coming to a close, because all my academic field trips were booked for the past 4 weekends, and they have begun. This past weekend Stella and I went to Lake Maggiore and Como and it was an absolute blast and sooo beautiful. We made lots of new friends and enjoyed lots of laughs.

The first night we got there, we checked into our gorgeous hotel and put on our bathing suits right away and took advantage of the indoor pool and jacuzzi. We went to dinner and afterwards our chaperone brought us to this really cute bar in town with an African type theme. We went to bed fairly early that day, and thank god because the next day was non stop.

We woke up early, ate breakfast, and were off to the dock to start our excursion from island to island, palace to palace, and garden to garden. I've never seen so many flowers or so many exotic birds in my life. There were these gorgeous white peacocks that were so elegant looking but ruined it when they opened there mouths and made the most atrocious and intimidating sound ever. We learned a lot of interesting stuff in the castles too such as the higher the canopy over a bed, the richer and more powerful the person that sleeps under it. It was sooo cool seeing all their marionets and puppet stages also. It reminded me of the scene in the sound of music where they put on the show. I filmed the entire day so I could put together a travel document for my film class. I'm one of two people that gets to do it.
I got lots of sun that day and I was so excited.

After a night on the town, and barely any sleep, we woke up to our friend Jesse calling us angrily and saying "Get on this bus NOW" only to realize that it was 8:52 and we were supposed to be on the bus and pulling out by 8:30. We got ready and down there in exactly 6 minutes...we ran onto the bus and our old chaperone Francesco looks at us with a cigarette in his mouth and says "I kill you." hahaha

It was a rainy and cold on Sunday, but we got into a boat and toured Lake Como anyway. We saw tons of villas all along the lake and they were beautiful. We saw Robert Dinero's, Versaces and his tomb, George Clooney, the villa where Mussolini spent his last night, Heinz ketchup, Napoleon's and his dogs tomb (he loved his dog). It was insane.

Such a great weekend and I can't wait to put together and edit all my footage.
I also finished filming my final project today so I can start editing that tomorrow.

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