Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine

Soooo I hated my first class this morning. We have this teacher who just calls on us randomly by looking at the attendence list. I HATE THAT. It gives me terrible terrible anxiety, and then I just sit there like tense, and my heart pounds, and there's a knot in my stomach, and I can barely breathe. If I knew the answer, I would raise my hand. That class put me in such a terrible mood. My next class put me in a better mood though ...introduction to creative video making..our teacher is crazy cool. He wore black skinny jeans, and combat boots up to his knees, a black shirt, he had grey spiky hair, and black rimmed glasses, a leather bracelet, and earings. He's my favorite. This class looks like it's going to be awesome. I don't care that it's 6 hours. As a group we have to create a cooking show. Then on our own we get to make a travel documentary and then come up with our own script and make the movie. I plan on putting a lot of time and effort into these films, because I really want to get an awesome internship next year--one that will actually take me somewhere in my carreer. So after that I went to the store, and got the ingredients for guacamole, and came home and made it all my myself. I must say it was very good, and lasted all but 5 minutes in our apartment. Nick came over and we started planning some trips, such as Paris. He found a wicked cheap flight for 46 Euro round trip. We all went out to dinner around the corner minus Stella. We hadn't eaten there before but it was soooo good. I had a plate of pasta for only 6 euro and it was phenominal. The waiters there were so funny too. One of them was appauled that I was only drinking water, and came over and dumped the rest of my water into Emily's glass and then poured wine into mine. Then he taught us how to say innapropriate words in Italian and we all toasted to it. I hope that my classes are good tomorrow. I have my second Italian class and if it still scares me then I'm going to go down to beginner, even thought that class would be way to easy for me. I just can't make myself happy. I hope this rainy weather stops. It's making me sad and I fear that my uggs are ruined. Ok I'm going to go do my nails, try and force myself to learn some Italian and then look online for some cheap flights. Ciao!

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