Sunday, February 8, 2009


So yesterday i woke up at 11:30, got ready real fast, met Nick at the Duomo, walked to the train station, and 5 euros later, Lauren, Nick, and I were off to Pisa. The first thing we saw when we pulled into the train station at Pisa was a goat in a stock yard. We weren't really sure what to make of it. We got off and realized that we were in a beautiful Italian city, with a much different vibe from Florence. In Florence, every corner you turn you see an American student, while in Pisa, is was all Italians. It was much quieter in Pisa, and more peaceful, and you could walk straight through a market without anyone harrassing you to buy something. We walked through the town and turned a corner, and all of a sudden, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is standing right before us.

It asbolutely did not seem real. This is something that you hear about and see in books, or posters, and there it was, right before my eyes. I have no idea how that thing has not fallen over yet. The time we spent by the tower, was the only time that it didn't rain there. We took millions of pictures, and laughed A LOT. On our way back to the train station though, I was absolutely miserable. Because I am too stubborn to purchase rain boots, my feet were entirely soaked, and freezing, and blistering. We stopped in this dessert place, and everything in this shop looked DELICIOUS. I'm sure everything was delicious too....except what we got. Funny that when we asked for it, the woman acted really surprised. It was on the bottom shelf and had probably been sitting there for months. She put it in a box and gave it to us, and we sat down and dug in. After a few minutes of pretending like we liked it, and that we had made a good choice, we decided that it was like eating a stick of butter.

We got back to the train station and made the next train back to Florence. We looked through all our pictures, and both Lauren and Nick made fun of my stupidity. They made fun of the fact that I thought cats really did have nine lives, they made fun of the fact that I thought goat cheese was made out of the goats head hahaa, and they made fun of how I accidentally rubbed my boobs instead of my stomach out of satisfaction from my meal. It's fine I like getting teased. The train finally arrived in Florence and after nearly getting sqwoosed by the door, we jumped out, only to realize we were at the wrong stop. SO we had to run and yank the door back open, and it's beeping like crazy warning us that it's going to shut, and Lauren and Nick dive in, and I'm like screaming as it's shutting and I jammed my umbrella in, and they pried the door open and I had to jump in as it was violently shutting on me. I'm pretty sure I have a bruise on my arm. So after catching our breath, and laughing a little, we awaited the next stop BY THE DOOR this time. We waited there with a man from Nigeria, a little old woman, and another woman with a suitcase. The train stops and the black guy basically pushes us out of the way, opens the door and leaps out. Next while the little old lady was trying to get out the doors shut right on her. Like she was literally smooshed right in between the two doors. hahahahah. So Lauren and Nick like pry it open and she scoots out, and then the other lady was like freaking out cause she had a suitcase and had no idea how she was going to do this. So Nicks like, I'll help you. So me and Lauren jump out. The door shuts again. He pries it back open to hand us his camera bag, the doors clamp shut with the camera bag between. We yank it out, and he next jumps off with the suitcase. The doors zoom shut again, and the lady like DIVES off, almost falling because she's wearing high heels. It was the most intense experience of my life.

We get home change out of our wet clothes. Amanda had dinner waiting for us on the table. I frantically look up cheap flights for travel, talk to Nick online, and then this Nick came over, and was like UM, we're going out. So we had to quickly get ready, and then we went out with our new Italian friends. It was quite a good time because we get to experience their way of life, rather than go into a bar that's full of Americans.

Today was a lazy day. I did homework, talked to Nick , went to the grocery store for supper, and then Amanda and I made eggplant parmesian. Neither of us had ever made it before, but it was really easy, and really really good. Tomorrow classes resume.

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