Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Taken Back By You

So classes have been going well. We really got to get our hands on editing yesterday in film and it was so much fun. Actually, it's not that fun working on a cooking show but once I start editing my own stuff, I'll be thrilled. One of our film teachers took us to this little cafe on our break right before it was about to close, and they basically gave away everything for free. That's the time to go. I had a quiz yesterday and two today. I think I did really well though. I have 2 oral presentations due next week and then another the week after that. Then believe it or not, it's midterms already.

I learned a lot today in Love, Sex, and Marriage actually. Usually I'm really not interested in history but I think it helps learning about it here. We watched this movie about Cosimo di Medici and how he appointed Brunilleschi to solve the problem of the dome on The Duomo, and how he had to come up with an entirely different kind of architecture to keep it held up..and how he was the one who pretty much invented 3-D perspective on paper.

It really opened my eyes and made me appreciate that I walk by the Duomo every day that I'm here, as well as Santa Croce where Micheleangelo's tomb is. Sometimes I forget that I'm here but it kicks in every once in a while, and I'm like wow. I'm sooo lucky.

This weekend we are going to see the opera in Milan. We also might take a little day trip to either Verona where Romeo and Juliets balcony is or this other city where Pinnochio takes place: I forget the name.

Next weekend is PARIS! I can't believe I'm going to see the eiffel tower. Illegal or not, I'm writing TF&NC at the top of it and take a picture, just like Kris Roe from the Ataris did.

Then the weekend after that I get my NICKKKK. <3

THEN weekend after that I get Mommy and Daddy :o)

Miss you all.

I have postcards, I just really need to send them out. Sorry!

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