Sunday, February 15, 2009

We can go, only if you believe

So the much dreaded weekend alone while my roommates were in Vienna, actually turned out pretty fantastic. Friday morning, I was awoken by the pounding on my apartment door from Nick, because my phone and somehow died in the middle of the night. He was like "Get ready, we're going on this walking tour".. So i was like ughhhhh fiiiiinnnnneee. So i got ready really fast, and then we went and grabbed pizza at this random place, which was really delicious and only like 1 euro for a slice. Then we went on this walking tour to the Piazza di Michelangelo. It is this castle looking thing really far up on a hill across the bridge. I wish I could describe to you how absolutely beautiful it was up there, but I can't. Nothing I say can give it justice. Not to mention, that just being across the bridge, is in itself, and adventure. It so quiet over there, and much more like a town, rather than a city. It's a lot less common to find people that can speak English over there.

So after we climbed to the top, (up these stone steps, and through trees overhanging the path), our tourguide, who also happens to be my love, sex, and marriage teacher, bought us all gelato. She is the biggest sweetheart in the world. I got pistachio, and it was amazing, but I really need to stop eating so much gelato, because apparently it is one of the most fattening things you can eat. I'm not all too concerned about it though, because with the amount of walking I'm doing, it has to all be evening out. Anyways, once at the top there was the most AMAZING view of the entire city of Florence on ONE side, and then on the other side, it was the country. It's exactly how I picture Ireland to be. It was all green, and rolling hills, and just absoutely beautiful. I personally preferred the country side sooo much more, while everyone else was aweing over the view of the city. The was a bronze copy of The David up there overlooking the city, but I didn't think it was a very good copy.

We spent hours up there, even after the tour left, just exploring every little nook and cranny. We found a few walking paths, played on a park for a little while, and then found a woman walking her dog. We stopped and played with her dog for a little while, and got talking to her, and apparently she's like a pretty famous designer. She's American, and has a place in Italy, and NYC. Three other people from our tour, also caught up to us at this point, and we got talking to them, and made friends. They were a lot of fun, and we all ate pizza together before we parted ways.

I went home and took a nap before I got up and ready for the night. Nick came over and then we were off to Lochness to meet our Italian friends. They had a reserved table. It's nice having friends who "have the in". It was quite an eventful night. I didn't have to pay for my shot, and the bartender took it with us. I was like huh, that was nice, but def. not something I should get used to. So anyways, we met another one of their friends named Nicola, who was quite a riot. He could not get my name right for the life of him, and throughout the night, I was called things such as "Debra, Audrey, Cara, Adrian, Elizabeth, Francesca, and Isabel." None of them are even close to my name, let alone to each other. Lots of fun that night. Nick walked me home cause I was tired, and then went out and partied with them some more.

The next day, he called and woke me up at 12:15, which whatever, I guess I had to be up..and was like "Let's go to Assisi" which is like a train ride away. So i was like ok, got ready really fast, and went to go meet him at The Duomo. As I'm sitting on the steps of The Duomo, I'm watching the funniest thing ever. All these illegal alien vendors were in front of the steps, trying to sell their stuff. Every time a cop car passed through, they'd pack up their stuff really quickly, and pretend they were just walking around looking at stuff. This happened like 4 times, and finally a cop car actually stopped. One guy didn't pack is stuff up on time, and just dropped everything (which happened to be these stupid little camera tripods, that nobody is going to buy), and sprinted as fast as he could. The police, all dressed up like guards, with their tall helmets on, went and picked up all his stuff, threw it in the back of their cars, and left. Finally Nick came, and he surprised me with a Valentines Day cupcake. He felt bad that I had to be apart from my Nick on our first Valentines day.

So we get to the train station, and realize that the next train to Assisi, isn't until 4. So we were like, hmmm, lets just pick a place, and we literally picked a place depending on what train left next. It ended up being Arrezo. It was 5 euros, and an hour and a half train ride. We had NO idea what to expect, but it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was like THIS is what I pictured Italy to be. It was a very small town, and there doesn't seem to be any bars, or anything to do, but it was absolutely beautiful. So different from Florence. Nick took a ton of pictures that I don't have yet, sooo you'll have to wait on those. We went into a beautiful church, and there was some sort of ceremony going on. There were flowers EVERYWHERE, and it was gorgeous, and we thought for awhile that it might have been a funeral, but we still aren't sure. It seemed wayyy to solemn to be a Valentines Day mass.

After that, we started making our way back to the train station, and made it just in time for the next train back. Nick decided to be risky and not buy a ticket for the way back, because seriously, we have not been checked for our ticket YET. I was way to scared to do so, because my luck, the one time I don't buy a ticket, would be the one time they check, but we have yet to see anybody working on the train.

Got back and got ready really quick. We went out and met our Italian friends at Naima. Totally different bar, totally different bartender, and I STILL didn't have to pay for my drink. Not to mention I went up twice. I'm becoming wayy to spoiled. We didn't stay out for very long. To be honest, I think we were both miserable that we were alone on Valentines Day and we were surrounded by cute couples. I went home and talked to my Nick for hours, and then went to sleep.

I have my ticket to Ireland, so I am officially going with my Nick when he comes to visit. I'm soooo excited :o).

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  1. Traci,
    Your mom gave me the address of your blog. It is great. I enjoy reading it from time to time. You sound like you are having the time of your life. Enjoy it, it will be over before you know it. Aunt Debbie