Friday, February 6, 2009

That's Amore

So let me catch up on what's been going on in Florence. It has still been raining on and off every day. I think it might be time to invest in a pair of rainboots no matter how ugly they are because I'd rather that than ruin my uggs, or wear off Tom Delonge's signature from my converse. So i think last time I wrote I was excited about my video class and that was on a Tuesday, so I should probably start from Wednesday. Wednesday I had 3 classes. My first class was Terrorism, and I walk in and notice that much to my dismay, it was the same teacher that I'm terrified of from my European Union class. My heart immediately dropped into my stomach, and I felt anxiety rushing to my chest from all throughout my body. My first thought was "I want to go home, I've been having bad luck left and right." Once I realized that there was only 8 people in the class, it wasn't that bad and I began to get used to it. After I went to Love, Sex, and Marriage. That should be quite an interesting class, and next time we were told to wear comfortale shoes because we are climbing to the top of The Duomo. I went home and was able to take a 2 hour nap before my last class of the week which was Italian again. This time I realized that I'm going to be more than OK in the intermediate class, and I'm going to stay in it. I love our teacher; he's absolutely crazy.

We've been cooking a lot in our apartment. Wednesday night Stella and I came up with an excellent creation, and made something similar yesterday. Tonight we made salmon, and made some amazing rise cause we just started throwing random food in it like mushroom, garlic, wine, and salt, and it ended up being amazing.

Last night we went to the Irish Pub "The Lions Fountain" again, and we saw the computer technician guy that works at our school. He introduced us to his Italian friends, and one of them immediately fell in love with Lauren and her blue eyes. He's really sweet and works at the Uffizi museum. He gave us an entire tour today for free and some of the art there was amazing. I never was entirely into art, but just knowing how old some of it was and that I was standing in front of an original painting that people in their lifetime never get to see, absolutely took my breath away. I got to see The Birth of Venus, and The Primavera. I also got to see Agony In the Garden. I learned lots symbolization that was very interesting such as if there is a dog in a picture with a couple it means that they are commited. If there is a dog in a picture with just a woman, it means that she is not pure, and could either be an adultress, or just sleeps around.

Some interesting side notes that I've noticed. Lauren and I have noticed that we have seen literally maybe 3 kids since we've been here. I have no idea why, but apparently isn't a place to raise kids? Also I was thrilled today that I bought a bottle of water for 50 cents.

I booked my flight to Paris. I'm going the first weekend of March and I will be there for my 21st birthday. I'm waiting on other cheap flights before I book anything else. Some goal places: Ireland, Egypt, Greece, Prague. But Prague's looking pretty expensive right now. Germany I know I'll get to when Mom and Dad come so that's exciting. Nick and Amanda just booked their tickets to Ireland for spring break. They are going to Scotland, Ireland, and London, and then back, and all of that together cost less than 75 Euro. That amazes me.

Tonight after we cooked dinner, we went out to a bar called Lockness. It was a lot of fun. They played like oldies music and everything had a red tint. I was having quite a lot of fun lighting a toothpick on fire and poking people's hands with it while shouting "STIGMATA." This was probably a result of seeing so many Jesus related things in the Uffizi museum today. I made the mistake of wearing heels out, so I was definitely walking bear foot on the way back. A bouncer at the door of one of the bars that we passed, stopped me and politely asked, "May I kiss your feet?" While it was a nice gesture, I simply just laughed in his face, and kept walking. I couldn't help it.

Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Pisa. I haven't heard many good things about it but it only costs about 5 Euro to get there by train, and it's something that I have to experience while I'm here.

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