Friday, February 20, 2009

So I can finally knock riding a gondola in Venice off of my bucket list. It still feels like a dream that I haven't woken up from yet.

I only got 3 hours of sleep last night because Lauren, Nick, and I thought it would be a good idea to go out for a night on the town until 2, only to wake up at 5 to catch our 5:47 train to Venice. Somehow I was fine and full of energy all day. We made friends with a Spanish family on the train ride there because they helped us with our connections the whole way there. Once we were there we all took a picture together with our masks. (I only have a few pictures of Venice right now. I'm waiting for Nick to upload all the good ones)

Venice was beautiful and exactly what I imagined it to be. I always get so worried before I go somewhere that I hyped it up so much and waited for it for so long, and then I'm going to be disappointed...but so far, nothing has happened that way. Every corner you turned, you could find a little bridge, or steps leading right down into the water. One thing that was intimidating about the city though was that it was SOOOO confusing, and so easy to get lost. Everything looks the same and the streets are not positioned in any sort of strategic way.

We went to Venice during Carnivale, so some of the attire being worn was quite interesting. We did get masks before we went though to fit in, and I don't regret it because they are beautiful and something I can keep forever. It reminded me of Salem around Halloween, except MUCH classier and more extravagant. Some of the costumes were insane. Some of these people must spend hundreds of dollars on their costumes.

The cathedral in Venice was beautiful. I realize that it's in Italy, but it reminded me of the castle in Alladin. haha and Morano glass was pretty though. We walked through a factory and saw them making the glass. So cool. I wish i could have bought everything, but instead I settled for a 10 euro bracelet.

So about the Gondola ride. While I would have preferred my first experience to be a romantic one, this was still quite an adventure. I was PETRIFIED the entire time because I didn't get to sit in like one of the main seats that faces foward...I was in like a side seat..and he did not strategically place us and the gondola was tipping the entire time. Like inches from the water. I was holding on for dear life. We kept asking the man to sing for us, but he wouldn't. He claimed he only sings when he's drunk, so Nick sang instead.

On the train ride back it was pretty full, so we all got split up, and me and Nick were in a completely different car than everyone else. We ended up meeting some really cool people who we hope to keep in touch with. Aside from that, the woman next to Nick had a beard, and the woman across from that was touching her husbands genitalea and giggling about it. Only us.

School is starting to get a little harder. I feel like everything is about to hit hard cause all of a sudden I have a ton of tests and projects coming up. I love my film teacher so much though. He walked into class yesterday with his boxers on his head. Haha, our teachers are so chill here. It's nothing like in America where it's completely unacceptable to hang out with your teachers outside of school. Here they like want to be our friends and we sometimes see them out. So much fun they are.

Nicks visiting sooo soooonnnn :o)

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